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2024 Fees

New patient examination £90

Routine examination (adult) £60

Routine examination (child up to 15) £39.50

Scale and polish £90

Fluoride treatment £45

Ultra clean appointment- £120

Child scale and polish- £45

Fissure sealant-£35 per tooth

Small X-ray-£14

Root canal treatment- £450-£685

Composite fillings-£150-£350

Gold inlays (fillings) £650-£950

Ceramic inlays- £650-£850

Crowns (ceramic/gold)-£750-£875

Recement crown- From £120

Veneers-£785-£895 per tooth

Composite bonding- £300-£395 per tooth

Bridges- £650-£2000

Implants from £2900

Extractions £180-£395

Tooth whitening (home) £350

Tooth whitening (in surgery Zoom) £485

Ultimate Tooth whitening (in surgery and home)-£650

Wisdom teeth extractions from £495 per tooth

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

We also take payment via direct bank transfer.​


Fees: Welcome
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