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Personalized Dental Care

 Quintidental dental practice was started by Dr Sethu and Dr Rasool in 2012. Having worked in the local area Dr Sethu had built up a small clientele of patients who he had the pleasure of looking after and wanted to carry on looking after their dental care. He really liked the area and lived locally. He  found a small available space and set about a large renovation which took about 6 months, the building was a blank canvas when it was begun and a team of builders spent very long days trying to get the place up and running. It is based a 7 minute walk from Kew Gardens station and 20 mins from Richmond town centre.

From the start the dentists at Quintidental have tried to spend time getting to know their patients and trying to tailor the treatment to their individual needs.  We try to adopt  a caring ethos and always putting the patients' needs first. We try to find out if there are any concerns or worries from the patients perspective and then work around these.  

About us: Our Clinic
About us: Our Clinic
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