A full range of dental treatments

Emergency dental treatment

Nobody should have to suffer any longer than necessary. That’s why we always have someone available to see you ASAP. Naveed has worked in acute dental care in one of London’s top dental hospitals, so he’s a dab hand at diagnosing and managing discomfort.

Root canal treatment

We are doing our best to save a tooth even if it is compromised using advanced techniques and state of the art materials. Forget all the myths and scary stories, although it can take a few visits, we make it as comfortable as possible for you .

White fillings

Your smile is important to us, that’s why we try to use white fillings whenever it is suitable using the latest resin technology and high strength ceramics.


If your tooth is too badly damaged for a normal filling, you might need a crown. This is like a hat for your tooth. There are different types. They involve taking a mould of the teeth, and casting them up in a laboratory where they are carefully handmade, and artistically sculptured – much like a work of art. We use some of the finest technicians who have trained for many years, which shows in their work. We’ll discuss the merits of each type of crown with you to suit all your needs.


Just like a bridge in real life – except the gap’s a missing tooth (not a river). There are lots of different types and designs of bridges, and we’ll discuss all the options, so you can make an informed decision. Although Implants are the favoured treatment option for replacing a single tooth, bridges still have their place in dentistry.


Implants are titanium screws placed into the bone to replace missing teeth. There are thousands of implant systems available, but we use the proven Nobel Biocare system, which has been evolving for the past 40 years.


Teeth looking a bit yellow?  Talk to us about tooth whitening. It’s a straightforward process that starts from £199. Come in for a Free whitening consultation to discuss if your teeth are suitable. It couldn’t be easier and can be done in an hour.

Cosmetic dentistry

We spend a lot of time and attention matching shades and using the best materials to ensure our dentistry looks as good as it feels. Whether it’s veneers, whitening, or just a filling – we take pride in making it look good.

Orthodontic retainers

Used to keep teeth in position after an active course of tooth movement with braces.

Sports mouthguards

Popular with children, especially at the start of the school year. Most schools require children of seven and over to wear mouthguards. We’ll just take a mould and deliver it to you in about eight working days. “Team Colours? Not a Problem.”


These are false teeth that can be removed. Although dentistry has come a long way, dentures are still an excellent treatment for some patients. We’ll chat to you about the different types of dentures – metal or high strength polymers. Dentures can even be made with implants, for more stability.

Want to discuss these treatments further? Call us on 020 8948 4033. For 24-hour emergency dentistry in Kew or Richmond, it’s 078 0156 3760.