Our Dental Services

There’s much more to dentistry than just teeth, you know. Oh yes. Studies have shown that the health of your teeth and gums affects other parts, too. For example, gum disease has been linked to heart disease. That’s why we’re so focused on prevention and why we recommend regular check-ups.


Firstly, we believe great dental care should be available to everyone – which is why you’ll find our prices more than reasonable.
OK, here’s the ‘eat your sprouts’ bit. You don’t need me to tell you how important regular (preferably twice a year) check-ups are, do you? They’re vital to spot diseases before they get nasty. Because we’re such geeks, our check-ups don’t stop at your teeth. We take all kinds of gum measurements and check out your soft tissues and jaw joints. Well, we might as well, while we’re in there.

Disease prevention

The majority of diseases of the teeth and gums can be prevented. Come along to our surgery and we’ll tell you how. Apart from good daily oral hygiene, one of the key ways you’ll keep disease at bay is by regularly showing up at our surgery. We can put together a tailored individual preventive care plan that’ll give your teeth and gums the best possible shot at staying healthy and happy.

In-house hygienist

To keep your teeth gleaming and gums bursting with pinky goodness, we have an in-house hygienist who just loves scrubbing and flossing and getting rid of stains and tartar. She can also teach you how to make a better job of cleaning your teeth. Seeing the hygienist could improve your love life, too – we can help with bad breath.

Preventive advice

Which toothbrush or toothpaste is right for you? Does mouthwash work? What about flossing? Is it a fiddly waste of time or a lifesaver? Talk to us about your diet, or about preventive therapies like fissure sealants and fluoride treatments.

Cross infection

Worried about cross infection and cleanliness? We’re practically OCD about cleaning. Ours is a scrupulously clean practice with a decontamination room for sterilising instruments, and lots of disposable equipment. We thoroughly wipe down and change gloves between patients, and wash hands thoroughly.

Call us today for an appointment on 020 8948 4033. For 24-hour emergency dentistry in Kew or Richmond, it’s 078 0156 3760.